coconut rava burfi recipe in tamil

Otherwise, it taste nice only. If the milk boils over, try to reduce the flame to low for a couple of minutes and increase the flame again. This looks delicious. 2. Coconut Barfi made with milk. ★☆ basically I am an electrical engineer , my first and foremost interest only on cooking, especially making sweet. A very high energy person who is always on the move doing something. So spend time to get rid of the brown skin. Also is the milk whole milk or can I use another fat content? Loved it a Lot. It is very yummy. Here is an awesome Coconut Burfi recipe. Thanx once again. Add rava, pottukadalai and continue cooking. Here I prepare it with fresh grated coconut,,milk,sugar,milk powder, and flavoured with cardamom powder.This can be stored in refrigerator for upto a week. U make our lives easier and soulful with delicious food.. lots of prayers and love from Coimbatore. Be Patient! Coconut is a tropical fruit that is rich in protein. The burfi will keep in the refrigerator for up-to a week. The mixture will be watery at this moment. A very Happy Happy Deepavali to you and your family too. The coconut water/juice is a nutritious refreshing drink especially for those people with kidney and urinary bladder problems. Take a tray and grease the tray with ghee and keep it aside. I’m sure it’s yummy. It was irresistible. traditional barfi recipes are either prepared from powdered dry fruits/nuts or with the combination of flours. I’m Suguna, a former financial analyst, now a full-time food blogger. Thanks.. this I was searching..just wanted to know should coconut first heat in ghee and then put milk or as you narrated to boil coconut in milk and then put ghee.during boiling.milk with coconut…. You mentioned that it will reach the consistency of wet sand. Tag @kannammacooks on Instagram and hashtag it #kannammacooks. If you like my video, please SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel.This is one of the delicious and easy ladoo recipe, which gets done quickly and can be made even by a newbie in cooking. Rava Coconut Burfi recipe | suji coconut burfi - Shetty's Cookery This appears quite doable. Read more..... (c) Copyright 2020 Kannamma Cooks | Privacy Policy | Hosting and Customization by Best Hosting And Design. The Pista Burfi Recipe is a delicious Indian Spiced Pistachio Fudge, that is packed with the goodness of pistachios and fresh coconut. … The brown part is hard and does not give a smooth mouth feel for the burfi. Coconut Burfi / Thengai Burfi is hubbys fav and my MIL is an expert in making this. Cut into desired shapes and serve. Came out very well . Please clarify below. So spend time to get rid of the brown skin. Connect With Me : It will start to bubble up after 15 minutes. Yes Studentsim. Coconut burfi recipe is very simple to make and requires only a few ingredients. i tried this recipe today. How to go about with rest of the ingredients? The addition of cardamom powder makes this mithai truly delicious. You can make the Pista Burfi as a dessert when you have guests at home or make for festivals like Holi, Diwali and Raksha Bandhan. the sugar will melt and form a thick liquid. I crazy love knives. Rava Coconut Burfi is a delicious dessert recipe often made during festivals and special occasions is slightly soft and chewy. I will try with skimmed milk next time and let you know how I go. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. His elder sister Padma akka had brought these wonderful burfi’s. 3 Cups Fresh shredded Coconut (white part only) Sugu sis. I fell in love with your blog. If the mixture is furiously bubbling up while cooking, reduce the flame to low and cook on low flame. 8. If at any point … Its only an approximate gauge. Burfi made with milk. May be you can simmer in a pan for another 10 more minutes to thicken up! The mixture will be watery at this moment. After 30 minutes, add in the ghee and continue to stir. My favorite part of this coconut burfi is the texture and flavor of the lightly toasted coconut. How can we fix it so it’s barf consistency. But once a while we can have this delicious burfi. Its a family favorite. Why KC happened to me… Happy diwali wishes to each and everyone in your Real Super Big family. Carrot Coconut Burfi is a little twist to our conventional coconut burfi. Learn how your comment data is processed. I'm Suguna Vinodh aka Kannamma. But your recipe again created that magic. As you mentioned, I was stirring continously only. Try out this easy But this one is such a winner. It looks yummy n mouth watering. Just wondering if u forgot to mention cardamom, or does this sweet not require any additional flavoring? All the best and happy cooking.For detailed coconut burfi recipe please visit After 45 minutes, the mixture would start drying up. I used about 1.5 big coconut for this recipe. In the final stage the burfi mixture will … I used the same measurement what is in your recipe. Rava Burfi Recipe: How to Make Rava Burfi Recipe | Homemade … I wanted to try your burfi . Pomfret Fish Fry or Vavval Meen Varuval Recipe, Spicy Meen Varuval, Healthy Ulundu Murukku, Airfryer Murukku Recipe, Dumpling / Kozhukattai / idiyappam Recipes. but rava barfi or suji burfi is a new variant which is prepared very similar to sooji halwa which is later dried and shaped to square or diamond solids. Thengai burfi as its called in Tamilnadu, this is a delicious never fail dessert sweet. Hi suguna, Continue heating with constant stirring in medium flame. I love the idea of it as a meditation too. But after I sent a query to you, I realised that I used full cream milk. Your words mean a lot to me. Collection of Tamil Nadu Recipes , Tamil Cuisine, Kongunad Recipes. I had this Coconut Burfi back home at Vinodh’s place this time when we had gone for his sisters wedding. Had been thinking of coconut burfi to make for diwali. Will that work The meat of the coconut is very good in destroying intestinal parasites that we get from eating infected food. I share recipes gathered from my friends and family here. I have never made Indian sweets. …and I am just trying to give at least ten percent of our childhood happiness to my boy. As a South Indian, I make a lot of dishes with coconut milk and rice. Thank you so much Rafeeda. Hi Priya, raw milk is fine as you are cooking for a long time. Will it taste good? ★☆ I had these and I loved it so much. Coconut Burfi is one of the simplest sweet recipe for any festive occasion. Remember, Indian Sweets are a labor of love. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hi, we made coconut barf but it’s too soft. The original recipe has Mark with a knife and gently remove each piece to a serving plate or a storage container. The first step in this recipe is roasting the coconut, we only want to heat it to unlock the flavor. Happy Deepavali to you & to your family Neela! Add rava and stir till it starts to thicken. Dec 19, 2019 - Explore Divya maloo's board "Coconut burfi" on Pinterest. 1. Should boiled and cooled milk to be used or raw milk? If I take 2 cups of milk can I add 1 cup of coconut? Just adding carrots to the coconut not only enhances the flavour but also makes this unique and appetizing. Came through Kannur Food Guide and I can’t stop browsing… First of all, I love your homely blog name, sounds really cute… These coconut burfis look absolutely delicious for all that hard work… I wouldn’t really mind sitting and having that complete plate all by myself… Will keep coming in for more…. The store bought ones used to be dry. The timing may not be exact as each and every stove is different. The mixture will slowly start to thicken up. Thank you for the wonderful recipe, came out very well!! Thanks for your reply. 2. Can we prepare it with dry coconut without skin(koppara thengai)? The burfi will keep in the refrigerator for up-to a week. My wife’s very favourite sweet is dis. Thank u so much. See more ideas about coconut burfi, flower frame, vegetable bun recipe. Take a wide pan and add in the milk, sugar and fresh shredded coconut. Hope will make it perfect. Thank you so much for your words. There is no condensed milk used in the recipe spatel. Things to keep in mind while making this Burfi Thank u so much mam. Don’t know why I didn’t get that white colour. Soft and juicy. Required fields are marked *, Rate this recipe Tried for the first time. Take a wide pan and add in the milk, sugar and fresh shredded coconut. In this video we will see how to make coconut burfi in tamil. There are trillion websites. If at any point of time, the milk boils over, try to reduce the flame to low for a couple of minutes and increase the flame again. Hope you like the recipes here. But it didn’t end up in white colour like yours. but is there anyway to fix the ones that i already made? I am passionate about South Indian food. But have an eye now and then as milk solids can scorch easily. 4 cups (1 liter) Milk A sharp knife is a girls best friend. Really glad that you liked it! तर बऱ्याच जणांना जेवण झाल्यानंतर काहीतरी गोड खावेसे वाटते. It will start to bubble up after 15 minutes. Though You can sprinkle finely shredded pistachios as a garnish. Welcome to my space. Easy to do Coconut Burfi recipe. Faced the same issue. Here in Australia, full cream milk is really creamy and in the final stage, cream stayed behind with the coconut and never gave me a wet sand consistency. May be that’s the reason why the mixture turned caramel. Thank you so much Andal. Thank you so much. I am planning to make it for a bigger crowd for chathurthi. The entire recipe can be made in under 20 minutes and tastes amazing. Very much happy with d burfi. Your words mean a lot to me. We are planning our Deepavali celebration and my boys requested a sweet. Hi Neela, you need to keep continuously stirring else it will burn at the bottom. This South Indian sweet recipe is prepared with rava (sooji), ghee and grated coconut. Hi. Very delicious recipe. Add the ground almond-coconut mixture. Add cardamom powder, ghee and stir well. To me she makes the best coconut burfis – perfect in texture and shape too. It tasted awesome and consistency was perfect. Tried coconut stew for appam and tomato rice with coconut milk and paruppu poli , all were awesome.. Great reciepes and thanks for ur recipes. Coconut burfi recipe | How to make coconut barfi | Nariyal barfi This burfi is perfect when you’re too lazy to cook, but gets some serious dessert cravings. Will post my version of Thengai burfi later. अनेकांना गोड खाण्याची सवय असते. There is not much of fat (compared to other indian sweets) going in the recipe other than the little ghee. She always brings some little nibbles for the family all the time. Thank you. Should the stirring be continuous without taking off hands? Thanks for this awesome detailed recipe kannamma. After one hour, the mixture would have dried considerably and there would not be any liquid left. i made a lot I am great follower of ur page. November 2, 2015 by Suguna Vinodh 55 Comments, (adsbygoogle=window.adsbygoogle||[]).push({}). Dry coconut doesnt work well for this recipe. Thank you so much. ★☆ She would call thatha for cutting the fudge, as you say. Vanakkam. No 5 minutes few minutes excuses? It will be gooey at this stage. Thank you for sharing the recipe . You might have noticed that this recipe … Will send u feedback after making. I have searched all most but finally I found your..I use to put ghee n than fresh coconut as u said..but it never use to be smooth..I will try tomorrow for Ganpati Ji n Balkrishan lalji Prabhu..Rajiv. Rava Laddu with Coconut / Rava Coconut Ladoo Recipe with stepwise pics and a short YouTube video. Ingredients: Bombay Rava (Sooji) – 250 gms Sugar – 600 gms Coconut – 1/2, grated Ghee – 250 gms Cardamom Powder – 1 tsp Cashewnuts – 2 tblsp Water – 1/4 cup Method: 1. Please advise. I don’t get fresh coconut where I live. Lot of patience. Note on Fresh Shredded Coconut: Please shred only the white part of the coconut meat being careful not to scrape out the brown outer skin. , Hi, If the cooking continues, the burfi becomes hard. We made it from milk and condense milk. Thaw and proceed with the recipe. We will need 3 cups. Its so awesome isn’t it. Happy Cooking. thanks. He would do it like meditation.I would sit beside him and watch . any help would be greatly appreciated. Don’t you think like that too? Its like SECRET OF SUCCESS working deary. ★☆ You can sprinkle finely shredded pistachios as a garnish. Since i kept it in the stove for a little while to get that consistency, it ended up in a caramel colour. Thanks fr sharing this wonderful recipe to all of us. mango burfi recipe | mango barfi | mango coconut burfi recipe How do you shred it? Your email address will not be published. 7. Note: image is for illustration purposes only and not that of the actual recipe. Food is nothing but memories as they say! Shredded Pistachio for garnish We should not brown the coconut becouse we are making a sweet recipe and we should preserve the natural sweetness of the coconut. Happy Deepavali to you and your family! We left to dry for more than 2 hrs but is soft like spread. FacebookInstagramTwitter, Your email address will not be published. So go for whole milk. It really encourages us to cook n serve love with food keep going coconut burfi recipe | nariyal barfi | coconut barfi | thengai burfi As diwali is nearing, I wanted to try this simple and tasty sweet with easy to get ingredients too. Remember, good things take time. May be watch for the consistency next time. You can use frozen coconut. Thanks Elisabeth. Is it possible to substitute fresh coconut with sweetened dessicated coconut. Point 2. haha 5 minutes is ok. But didn’t have d recipe. It’s addictively delicious. Never got wet sand consistency. My most quick and easy sweet to make on a festive night would be rava ladoo or coconut burfi. Note on Fresh Shredded Coconut: Please shred only the white part of the coconut meat being careful not to scrape out the brown outer skin. ★☆. Excellent narration. You can just Halve the recipe exactly. Haven’t tried this recipe before. 15 Best Coconut Recipes, Indian Coconut Food. Fry the cashewnuts lightly and remove. But still I didn’t get that consistency. The brown part is hard and does not give a smooth mouth feel for the burfi. I tried ur coconut burfi it was awesome. I love burfi very much. If you are opting to make an easy recipe for Coconut burfi just follow this recipe which i tried from Rak’s Kitchen. 2½ cups granulated sugar Switch off the flame. If the milk boils over, try to reduce the flame to low for a couple of minutes and increase the flame again. Rava burfi recipe | Suji barfi recipe | Diwali sweets recipes 2018 She loves to entertain and I have seen her cooking for 20-30 people with such ease, it feels that she is cooking only for four. The only thing to note is that since we are using coconut in this recipe we need to finish the burfi within a couple of days but trust me the burfi never lasts more than a day at home.Friends please do try this easy coconut burfi recipe at home and share your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. Thank you so much Sundari! Happy Cooking! But it didn’t come up for me like that. मात्र, दरवेळी जेवणानंतर काक खावे असा प्रश्न पडतो. Apply ghee to a quarter sheet pan and dump the hot coconut burfi mixture on the sheet pan and spread it evenly with a spatula. Regarding this coconut burfi, i love that it is simple even if time consuming. could you tell me how to soften it? Thengai burfi | coconut burfi is a very easy and simple sweet made mainly with just two ingredients. my burfi came out too hard. Keep the pan on stove and start stirring on medium flame. Shred the coconut and set aside. 1 tablespoon ghee for sheet pan You will need fresh coconut for this recipe. Keep stirring. Can we do it the opos way. I made this burfi today and it turned out super yummy. Sugary sweets are always calorie rich. I am so happy that you remembered your grand parents. That’s a easy recipe. I know only the sugar syrup hack. Its really hard to mess up as this recipe is very forgiving. The Recipe Its a great treat for me. Rava Burfi Recipe - Sooji Barfi Recipe - Easy Diwali Sweets Recipes I used whole milk for the recipe. Thanks for your prompt reply. Beginners Recipe! Keep stirring. Serve cold or at room temperature. It means a lot to me. Her recipes are a huge hit among us. I am already master in making mysorepak ( my mum used to temple me). happy cooking. Easy to do Coconut Burfi recipe. I can reduce the amount of sugar accordingly. So planning to prepare for deepavali. Since I tried to leave it in the stove for little longer to get that consistency, it became caamelised, I think. I am loving your recipe… Suguna again a great recipe. Made with whole milk here in the US. Thengai burfi as its called in Tamilnadu, this is a delicious never fail dessert sweet. 4 tablespoons ghee Hi Kannama: After the roaring success of tomato chutney that I tried last week, I am so excited about trying every recipe on your blog! 9. Tnx for this wonderful recipe. Thank you for the specific and encouraging directions. Your blog does a lot of help…A LOT. She is a great cook. Love ur reciepes.. Burfi made with milk. Keep the pan on stove and start stirring on medium flame. 5. Rava burfi recipe - Badam burfi recipe - Sooji burfi recipe in tamil / Nellai Food Court My paati used to make lovely burfi and wheat halwa every diwali. Hello , Thanks. Serve this sumptuous prasad to all your friends and family members and feast their taste buds with an ultimate experience of heavenly flavours. First, I had one, then another and then some. Transfer to a greased plate and keep aside to cool. Serve cold or at room temperature. But can we use dry coconut for same. Easy to do 4 ingredient Coconut Burfi recipe. I love south Indian food and I am passionate about baking. Look for the texture as mentioned in the picture at each stage. thank you for your tip. 6. Hello , doubled the recipe and made it . She describes this burfi as one pot burfi. I love Jacques Pepin and Julia Child. I wanted to reduce the quantity . Hi suguna One clarifying question- would frozen coconut work (I live in US and sometimes good coconuts are not so readily available)or will the taste and texture be not to the mark? Heat little ghee in a pan over medium flame. I have already shared Rava … It will be like the consistency of wet sand. It was so good that the big box of burfi which was supposed to have been our big family’s dessert was over even before we started lunch. The cooking should stop when the consistency of the burfi is that of wet sand. Kannamma is my real name! Could u pls clarify when sugar has to be added in coconut burfi please.. Is the ‘fresh’ coconut the green or dried brown nut? Those were the days. I tried this n it was really yummy.. With step by step pictures. Easy Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes with step by step pictures. The dulcified burfi is an easy dessert recipe that you can prepare at home! Allow it to cool for one hour. It was the soft and fudgy oooey gooey kind. Coconut, on the other hand, is loaded with iron, vitamins B6 and minerals such as copper, magnesium and zinc. Once thick, add 1 tbsp of ghee and mix. Thank you so much for all your stupendous work. My Favorite things include my Wusthof knife, Coffee, Ilayaraja, Tamil and beaches. Lot of patience. Hi rava burfi recipe | suji barfi recipe | sooji ka barfi with step by step photo and video recipe. Coconut Burfi Recipe | Coconut Burfi in Tamil | Burfi Recipe in … Indian desserts can be daunting and difficult.

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