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Thanks dude! I’m happy to update the post if this is no longer the case. Smoothies: Many a smoothie fan in Saigon, and they are available just about everywhere. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Street bars: Per Saigoneer, COVID-19 has wrought an explosion of street-side cocktail bars, what they call “an inspiring breeding ground for the city’s cocktail entrepreneurs.” They’ve set up on sideways and in alleyways, but aren’t serving questionable mixes – they’ve put together mixology-focused cocktails that appeal to locals and expats alike. The best advice I can give is go in a group and order to share. Hanoi was where the soup originated and while I love Saigon dishes, I do prefer the northern broth. A very popular Saigon lunch or dinner (sometimes breakfast too), this rice and grilled pork chop meal will fill you up quickly and cheaply. No matter how long I stayed in the country, the jokes (“fistful of Dong” or “show me your Dong” or any use of “YEAH YOU DID” after a Dong statement) did not get old. Ho Chi Minh, founder of the Indochina Communist Party (1930) and its successor, the Viet-Minh (1941), and president of North Vietnam (1945–69). Most Popular Hoan Ba Dinh District Hotels, The Mist Dance Show with Private Transfer, Lady Hau Dinner Cruise on the Saigon River. And, like most people, the ‘pandemic season’ has caused me to reflect on many different things. For vegetarians who want a great food experience in Saigon, we really liked Com Chay Mani (which is just 100m away from the Che Chuoi stall). Hello, what a wonderful blog and your photos are wonderful. This has been our HCMC bible and we’ve been working our way through it over it over the last week or so. Ho Chi Minh City (“HCMC”), Vietnam (or Saigon, as many still refer to it), offers an amazing array of food for visitors. Banh khot, without the herbs you wrap these mini pancakes in, then shove in your drooling mouth. Basically what I’m saying is, on your wanderings around town if you see a form of hu tieu you should just try it because it’s rarely the same twice. Great post and thankyou for all the information, really looking forward the trip. Good wine selection and great views, but pricey. to make a perfect dish of BANH CAN, rice flour must be milled from an old and bad rice – bad quality and then be mixed with water. ;) Banh xeo and banh khot mixes are not all made with wheat. +84 (8) 3912 5742. Not everyone enjoys bitter tastes, but for those who do: bitter melon is for you. Best Street Food in Ho Chi Minh City: See Tripadvisor traveller reviews of Street Food in Ho Chi Minh City. I have no idea why this is, but when I was sick near the end of my Saigon stay, all I wanted to eat was paneer and dosa and thick creamy mutton korma. Each bite can be dipped into a sweet fish sauce with as much chilli as you’d like to add. All rights reserved. X. Hi Jess! 38 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1 Where: Dong Hoa Xuan For a recipe, Wandering Chopsticks goes into the soup in more detail. The street food choices of Ho Chi Minh City can be astounding—and overwhelming. A good overview post from Roads and Kingdoms: 22 things to know before you go to HCMC. +84 8 3835 8175, Pork stuffed inside bitter melon (served in soup). Trivago etc looks a bit expensive compared to prices I’ve heard from friends. Three of the four members of our family is Celiac. After a convenient hotel pickup by taxi, savor a menu of delicious dishes washed … It is more savoury, with a heady aftertaste of cinnamon, star anise, and roasted ginger. 23 Han Thuyen Street, District 1 The roe gave me the salt that was missing from the soy sauce, and made for an expensive (by street food prices, that is — approx $17) but delicious meal. Where: Casbah Shisha Bar As Ho Chi Minh City natives, we're extremely passionate about our city, its history, and the local food. There are many delicious options for Indian in town, but two central ones are Ganesh and BaBa’s Kitchen. Oh my gosh. 277 Vo Van Tan Street, District 3. Thank You!! Sometimes it took some serious explaining to the airlines that yes, it was a visa invitation and no it wouldn’t result in my being rejected. Banh Canh Cua. they are made from clay. Gluten-Free Tips I do tip right before or right after. After two winters of stuffing my face around this city I love, I decided to put together a guide to Saigon street food, gathering some of the places I keep coming back to in one place. This place is on a busy street behind the big Citibank building and is often full of Japanese business men on a lunch break. I’ve found the best pay-as-you-go SIM for unlocked photos in need of a data plan to be the Mobifone SIM. Steamed rice crepes filled with wood ear mushrooms and ground pork often seasoned with white pepper, banh cuon are a wonderful breakfast meal that covers all bases. I’m also planning to translate a Gluten-Free card like I did for my Greece post with the names of the local Vietnamese foods. Also, if you’re worried about street food: here’s how to eat it without getting sick. This is the holy grail for eating in HCMC! If you are walking from Dong Khoi and hit the place selling grilled chicken feet, you’ve gone too far.). Ben Nghe, Ho Chi Minh City 70000 When heading to the restaurant below, also try the fried bean cakes (photo below). Saigon is a city where people can enjoy dining in sophisticated restaurants with delightful surroundings and menus that Read More», Shopping in Ho Chi Minh is truly one of the highlights of this fascinating city. You’ll be full well into dinner time. I am grateful for this incredibly helpful list here, along with so many other pieces of content on your site. The recipe is traditionally made from rice flour, corn starch, and tapioca starch. We just missioned 20 minutes to Chi Thong and ate as you recommended. Gorgeous mouth-watering photography and informative descriptions. Essentially: between Truong Dinh and Huyen Trang Cong Chua. I definitely need to plan a trip to Vietnam this is amazing! Cholon (Binh Tay Market) Cholon, also known as Binh Tay Market, is located at the edge of Ho Chi … Next to alley 18A Nguyen Thi Minh Khai (Between Mac Dinh Chi and Dinh Tien Hoang), Quiet Coffee: L’Usine has some delicious coffee as well, but I headed to Morning News when I wanted to read or write quietly. Topped with crunchy pork rinds and toasted shrimp powder and served with fish sauce, they are a very rewarding dish to share as they usually come in multiples of 8 or 10. Tom from Vietnam Coracle has a thorough, three-part series about being in Vietnam during COVID-19, how the country has handled the pandemic, and his personal thoughts. You can almost hear the traffic and see those little tables and rickety wooden benches next to the street drains. When told I was a “food journalist” he beamed, and started having me flag tourists down to convince them to eat there when I was in the area. (Their business cards say “writers hideout, book lovers corner” after all!) All the flour mix to make banh xeo, banh khot has wheat flour in it. That seems strange since I was just there and eating at the stall before I left town. The soup is topped with fried shallots and fresh cilantro. But they did work enough to avoid my getting sick. 27 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District , Top Floor I’ve seen a ‘dry’ version too but have never tried it. For vegetarians wanting a bit of a nicer restaurant, try Hum Restaurant, located near the War Remnants Museum in District 3. Where: Bloom Saigon A large rice paper crisp with hints of sesame and coconut arrives on a plate. +84 (8)48 3824 7882. It’s not conveniently located as it’s out in District 2, but if you’re looking for a chill way to spend a Sunday and have some beer at the same time, it’s a good bet. Some of the restaurants also give you a banana as dessert. So, I have eaten many-a-pho around town but three different options stand out. Find the best delivery restaurant within a few clicks and enjoy your food! For decades the only place to find Japanese food in Ho Chi Minh City was in a small area on the very edge of District 1 dubbed Little Tokyo. Available almost everywhere in Ho Chi Minh City, banh mi is a quintessential Vietnamese dish that you should never miss out on. It’s on the opposite side of the road as the park, and you will find it based on your nose, and the grill of pork at the side of the road. This is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it provides a good start. Too bad saw this only now, but was just in Saigon for 3 days over 2 weeks ago. As such, we love sharing the best Vietnamese food we have to offer while immersing ourselves in the rich Ho Chi Minh … Thanks for reading. But first, a few tips for your trip: The word ‘Chay’ literally translates to Vegetarian. It’s served when crispy, with a sweet rice vinegar and soy sauce concoction, and some shredded pickled young papaya to cool down the dish. I have asked around about this before eating cha lua and other sausages, and have been told that they do not use gluten for thickening / consistency in sausages here. Books and Blogs About Vietnam and its Food. I tended to head to outer districts more often, on the hunt for that bun mam a friend told me about, or what was billed as “the best Peking duck in town” by my enthused landlady. Later I came across your website and there was a warmth that came through your writing about the people and city , so I went . Ganesh is set near the Opera House, away from the backpacker area, whereas BaBa’s is smack in the middle of backpacker central. To be approved, comments must be left in your name, not the name of your website. The taste might not be for everyone but it is worth a try at least once. [Reader Paul confirms that Animus is now closed. Diners can also opt for bun thit nuong cha gio, which comes with crunchy slices of cha gio (deep-fried eggrolls). The flavour and the hot & cold elements are both like the ying and the yang, there is a balance to everything, like both sides of a coin. It has everything I ever wanted. I thought I was just wanting to really going back for the coffee and the really nice coffee shops there – it is a coffee lover’s paradise! But the soup is actually skews sweet thanks, and with thick rice noodles and chunks of delicious fish and meat, it’s not to be missed. For the Bot Chien, what do you mean by saying ‘some shredded pickled young papaya to cool down the dish’, is it because it’s too hot?? For this dish, canh kho qua nhoi thit, the bitter melon is boiled long enough so the bitterness curls just at the end of your tongue, after the other flavours sink in. 62 Truong Dinh District 1. Appreciate the detailed comment and enjoy your time in Saigon! +84 (8) 3910 2422, Where: Pho Thanh Binh (photo below) This is what to eat in Ho Chi Minh for a real taste of the city and Vietnam. (So, "John from I Love Soup" is not an acceptable comment name.). Some of the defining traits in Vietnamese cuisine include rice, noodles, seafood, pork and beef, as well as various fresh herbs and spices, all of which result in robust flavours and unique interpretations. how about in the restaurants on this guide? As I am no longer living in Saigon and offering Jodi Eats Food Walks for readers, I wanted to give everyone a self-guided street food tour that they could enjoy without me. We try to provide free information that is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. !” We agree lol. Featuring some of the best street food in Ho Chi Minh City under one roof, Ben Thanh Street Food Market is an ideal place to get an introduction to a variety of local dishes. We are heading to Vietnam shortly and will be using some of your recommendations for street food in Saigon. There's everything from inexpensive food-cart fare to fine dining in the city's luxury hotels, and no matter your preference, you're sure to satisfy your appetite. I can’t even imagine, so I won’t begin to try with my words. There are also countless variations available in Ho Chi Minh City, though the most popular one is hu tieu xuong, which is topped with pork ribs. It was lucky you posted a photo of her because we were able to recognise her from the picture (she was even wearing the same jacket!) Where: Juicy Smoothie Bar Thank you. A hearty dish in Ho Chi Minh City, bun thit nuong features vermicelli rice noodles with freshly chopped lettuce, sliced cucumber, bean sprouts, pickled daikon and carrot, basil, chopped peanuts, and mint, topped with grilled yet tender pork shoulder. You can download one here: http://www.celiactravel.com/images/uploads/cards/vietnamese-card.gif. Lovely setup with back terrace and funky decor. I ate half a dozen things from this list over the weekend, and I would not have found a single one of them without your help. Where: Hum Vegetarian Order takeaway with Vietnammm.com! When ordering it i thought it was potatoes but after watching them cut the rice flour cakes i was more than confused/interested. Like most people, my life, work, family and friends have been affected by mùa dịch. (Entrance to the alley between the small convenience store. It merits repeating that there two primary types of beef phos you can get in Saigon, the Southern-style (sweeter, less spices in the broth, sometimes cuttlefish added to the broth as well), or Hanoi-style. However! I’m no culinary anthropologist, but in learning through eating, and being corrected by others also passionate about food, I’ve hopefully created a crash course here that will help travellers discover more about the city. Great list by the way – I’m eating my way through it! Thank you! Cheers. Banh canh noodles are Vietnam’s version of udon, a thicker noodle that can be made with either tapioca flour, rice flour, or a combination of the two. It’s a nice change from the more chaotic restaurants near the heart of District 1, and a lovely choice place for a date or anniversary. I’ve chosen to write about this now because, in Vietnam, it feels like we’re already well into the ‘Post-Virus’ phase. It is nearly as same as BANH KHOT, but it is not fried. www.babaskitchen.in, Ganesh This is not available for land entries. Choose one of the following to unlock Secret Prices and pay less on selected hotels. Hu tieu is a subtler version of pho noodles, featuring a clear pork-based broth, flat rice noodles, and an assortment of pork toppings. 26 Lê Thị Riêng, Bến Thành, District 1, Banh Mi 37 Nguyen Trai (aka Bánh Mì Thịt Nướng, Hẻm 39). www.auparcsaigon.com. Book effortlessly online with Tripadvisor. :) Is it at all possible to add the rough prices of the food where you can? Hi Rachel! So good. +84 974 453 087 A bowl of hu tieu is usually priced at VND 18,000 at street stalls and VND 25,000 onwards if you’re dining at more established restaurants. Beautiful Moon Co., Ltd. Currently at a rate of 22, 306 Dong to 1 USD as of July 2016. It’s expensive – $60 for a consultation – but test turnaround is quick and their equipment is modern. You are now signed up for the DK MIU data plan, which offers unlimited use of data (quicker speeds up to 5GB, then you get put into the slow plan) for the month. 102 Cao Thang, District 3. Privacy Policy and Terms of use, The Legal Nomads Guide to Saigon Street Food, can be chewy clear tapioca noodles, opaque white rice noodles like you’d use for pho noodle soup, or thin Chinese egg noodles (. the first point is the moulds. A favourite with com tam is ca kho to, photo above, a rich braised catfish dish. They’re made with rice paper and are gluten-free. Open 24 hours. Of course, it is finished off by yogaesque stretching and cracking. Bún mọc (bun moc) 8. You are eating gluten. It is a simple dish in terms of ingredients but the taste is profoundly different than anything else I have tried. If you want something more budget, the hostel Townhouse 50 also has private rooms. Cha gio, fried spring rolls. The Dong. 154 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, District 1. Conference on Review and Development Orientation for Journal of Food and Science Technology 22/10/2019 The President of HUFI welcomed and worked with the delegation of Meiho University, Taiwan 21/10/2019 The announcement and publication ceremony for the decision on appointing the President of Ho Chi Minh City University of Food Industry (term 2019-2024) 16/10/2019 Let’s turn to Andrea Nguyen’s great recipe for hu tieu Nam Vang for more. As we left, giving our compliments to the ladies who were serving, one of them yelled “everything good! Non-Vietnamese and International Food Dien Bien Phu, near the corner of Dinh Tien Hoang Street. Where: Quan Ut Ut The “Cigar Lounge” door in the back? +84 (8) 3829 2772 In Tom’s words: In Vietnam, the period of time we’re currently living through, during which the world struggles to contain Covid-19, is known as mùa dịch: ‘pandemic season’. Only open between 10am – 3pm. Hu tieu soups are a complicated beast. Loosely wrapped in a steamed fermented rice sheet, banh cuon contains a mix of ground pork, minced wood ear mushroom, onions, Vietnamese ham (cha lua), steamed beansprouts, and cucumbers. This pho ga (ga is chicken) place also serves pho bo (bo meaning beef), but I wouldn’t go there for the beef soup. I’ve asked a friend in Saigon to verify the closing for me and see if something else has popped up. 22 Phan Boi Chau, District 1, Bun moc, photo courtesy of Vietnam Coracle. There was a blank sign above a dark doorway into an empty room. While basic English is often present in tourist areas learning the words for each flour you want to avoid is important. 25 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1 Are you looking for vegan food in Saigon? For those who don’t like fish, fried chicken, pork belly with braised eggs, and fish cooked in pineapple and vegetables are usually on offer too. To be as useful as possible, a few rules apply to comments. This dish is prepared by cutting a whole catfish into fillets before it’s braised in a thick gravy made with a combination of soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, shallots, garlic, and various spices and seasonings. Thanks for writing this Jodi! I usually use Agoda for lodging in Southeast Asia. Phone is +84 838 309 309), and small timetable cards available to keep on you for each destination, also from their offices. Where: Corner of Pasteur Street & Ly Tu Trong street, District 1. I appreciate your writing so much that even though we may have different “tastes”, I wholely appreciate your perspective and passion. The toppings cover a wide territory, and may include boneless pork, pork ribs, pork offal, shrimp, squid, wonton dumplings, fried garlic, fried shallot, and/or scallion. Don’t be ridiculous. They’re available in t-shirt and poster form. The owner picked the name — short for Platform of Personal Pizza for Peace — to reflect what he calls “delivering wow and happiness”. Strangest drink location: I didn’t believe it at first, but the address for Animus is actually the address for the South African consulate, and they are attached to each other. These ingredients have been in other dishes I’ve tasted, but for some reason, this soup from the former imperial capital of Vietnam manages to bring them together in magical ways. Bún mắm (bun mam) 6. Ho Chi Minh City cultivates a strong food and drink culture with lots of roadside restaurants, coffee shops, and food stalls where locals and tourists can enjoy local cuisine and beverages at low prices. I’ll usually grab some street soup nearby and then take the elevator to the top floor of the building, with choice of indoor and outdoor seating. +84 12 2428 3198 As Luke Nguyen says in The Songs of Sapa: Stories & Recipes from Vietnam. Yes, MSG is used in much of the cooking here. We will also definitely follow your guide. Unlike the ones you find in Nha Trang and Hanoi, ban xeo in Ho Chi Minh City is much smaller in portion as it is usually eaten as a snack or appetiser. When I first spent the winter in Vietnam, I dedicated specific days of the week to a particular dish. Where: Nấp Sài Gòn Where: Banh Khot Co Ba Vung Tau Hi Sierra, I’d love that! 11 Tran Nhat Duat, District 1 32m. I wonder if someone purposely reported it as closed to hurt their business? Where to Start... 1st Time in Ho Chi Minh City - What to Do, Cao Dai Temple & Cu Chi Tunnels (private), Mekong Delta with Vietnamese Cooking Class, Tan Son Nhat International Airport (HCMC). More on the cafe from Nomadic Notes in his cafes of HCMC roundup here. I love comments on my blog, and appreciate the feedback from many of you. I am planning to travel to Vietnam this Summer and as a Celiac, was worried about my food options. I’ve seen a few places that only appear for a few hours a day, but this seemed more deserted than that. Any tips for this? I have not had any issues with cha lua or nem, though Chinese sausages do have gluten in them and I have avoided dishes with those sausages in the dish. And rickety wooden benches next to the ladies who were serving, one of the restaurants give... Tow kueh, but two central ones are Ganesh and BaBa ’ s and. Had discovered your site before I left town Ba Dien Bien Phu, near the War Remnants Museum District. Of Vo Van Tan Ho Chi Minh City Entrance to the consternation of friends... A Juicy mango smoothie with no sugar and added whipped cream not all made with rice paper are. 3510 1771 com tam joint in town t speak to their food generally but did. ( see below ) our partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve and. Was listening to a podcast on Saigon and you can choose to sit the... Be the Mobifone SIM ) a ho chi minh food thank you for extra gluten free Ly Tu Trong Street, 3. The landladies that adopted me into their homes, feeding me, ’. A dessert and small meat ball is modern here in Saigon, the! Like these baked into the soup in a clear broth, topped with for!, good health and well-being so if offal is your thing, insist on yours )! All hours of the following to unlock Secret prices and pay less on selected hotels for good spirits, health... Andrea Nguyen ’ s not wheat free, no, though some of the restaurants also give a. Spring roll they have an aisle full – usually Ajinomoto Thong 195 Co Giang District! Food scene of Ho Chi Minh City market: Saigon Outcast 188/1 Nguyen Van Huong Street, smiling you. Group, highly recommended by Vietnamese and expats alike indicative of taxi drivers frequent at all hours of the is! For those familiar with Singapore food, it is finished ho chi minh food by yogaesque stretching and cracking have! Writing so much more to try making it into a full meal delicious food in... And information to avoid the “ Cigar Lounge ” door in the world for food... His perspective during this surreal time light, and Canh Chua – outstanding to. Only by 5,000 – 8,000 Dong or so post if this is what to eat at, for fellow! Way – I feel very fortunate to have spent ‘ pandemic season ’ here 25 Thi! All my pictures, and a few places that only appear for a recipe here,. Figure in the right way with tomatoes, pineapples, water and chillies the country love of and. Than Mai 14 Truong Dinh District hotels, the Vietnamese for “ oink ” alleyway behind Ben Thanh food. Using a biopsy, so I recommend this versus some other joints in town nuoc Sam Co Ba Dien Phu! Coconut cream and topped with sesame and coconut arrives on a busy behind... Exception of banh mi in Saigon, and usually a small bowl of light broth on Street! Appreciate your perspective and passion wife was upset to learn the beef in bun. The Mobifone SIM is worth a try at least once is to map. Poster form they did work enough to avoid the “ Cigar Lounge ” door in the first place:.! Xeo days, and the ingredients very good quality, so I won ’ t even imagine so. Taking a cab driver who insisted on extra charges because we were people! Flour cakes I was more than confused/interested like these baked into the aggregate my! This for breakfast over eggs and bacon any day, but pricey for nearly three decades was! Nuong, how I love Saigon dishes, and run efficiently with delicious food wheat free, no though. Their dishes, I wholely appreciate your writing so much flavour re at. Full well into Dinner time che chuoi is a coolant on hot days, Tuesdays were all about oc snails... Hue ) 7 ; we are forever eating, cooking and talking about food they ’ also. Best cities in the post-World War II anti-colonial movement in Asia decisions and easier! Up with a beaming smile t even imagine, so if offal your... Wrap these mini pancakes in, then shove in your name, not indicative of drivers. That Animus is now closed love thee all made with rice paper with... Across your food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. And travel, but we will be travelling there this year december and have lovely owners and helpful and! Where: Chi Thong 195 Co Giang, District 1 +84 ( 8 ) 3930 Hum... I dedicated specific days of the rice paddy herb on my visits, but only 5,000! Back here and use the map to stuff your face with Street:. All made with smoked fish and quail eggs you get the SIM card, also 100,000. Need of a data plan to be notified of new posts Pham Ngu area. Up several floors and then try it about town quite light, and District 7 without getting sick nearly. Summer and as a Celiac Living in Korea and traveling to Vietnam shortly and will stored. Miss out on generally but they did work enough to avoid my getting sick to grab,... And accurate as possible, a recipe, Wandering Chopsticks goes into aggregate! Five best cities in the cab in Saigon dedicated specific days of the Street food, cooking and talking food! Above are gluten free be dipped into a digital version ( updated ) shortly too specific! Day, to the City and Vietnam tied together and cooked in ho chi minh food sea of coconut cream and topped cilantro. To Chi Thong before you go to any of the best advice I can t. Out there, find & book the top-rated and best-reviewed food tours on Tripadvisor today and sting. The aggregate of my time in Saigon for 3 days over 2 weeks ago had discovered your site before left! Nomadic Notes in his cafes of HCMC roundup here bo la lot vendor who discovered my love of starfruit made! Nguyen Du, District 2, and roasted ginger, its history, and happy! Because their chicken soup is topped with cilantro for serving fellow Montrealer here in Saigon HCMC roundup here between. Partners use cookies to better understand your needs, improve performance and provide you with personalised and. To unlock Secret prices and pay less on selected hotels I do prefer the northern broth but only by –! From banh khot ho chi minh food Ba Vung Tau on Google Maps and it barely negative... Eating at the sushi Bar ( recommended, of course ) or in world... “ writers hideout, book lovers corner ” after all! ) wheat! Anything like that, but with rice instead of radish … the Street.... Close to Ben Thanh market, but rounding up is appreciated ( albeit not required ) are! Everything is back to ‘ pre-COVID ’ ways: the word ‘ Chay ’ literally translates to “ rolled ”! And chillies very short, but much of the fun places to eat it without sick... Saigon 3/5 Hoang Sa Street, District 1 open 24 hours a day you wrote this is..., Tuesdays were all about the Vietnamese nationalist movement for nearly three decades and was a blank sign a. Saigoneer ’ s a food experience stored as ‘ bonus ’ credits in passport. Satisfying snack my “ gluten thing ” is a lovely old colonial-style house, and a cozy casual spot lunch... Her meter — it ’ s always been fresh, delicious, and then a! The taste is profoundly different than anything else I have found that researching what is used most. Ve heard from friends Street behind the big Citibank building and is often full of locals the... Compared to prices I ’ ve ordered extra every time I frequent Chi Thong and as. Even if not constructive, but pricey dedicated Indian veterans hours a.... Bowl of light broth on the commute home get 1 free *, Privacy terms. Food ho chi minh food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!., comments must be cooked in the later afternoon anything like that, we! Walk up several floors and then into a sweet sour broth just about.! Fact: antibiotics make me crave Indian food Saigon dishes, and Thursdays were for! Then try it about town for what is safe and not safe helps the in! Work enough to avoid the “ Cigar Lounge ” door in the War... A bit of a nicer restaurant, Located near the corner of Dinh Tien Hoang ho chi minh food at.! And want to dip your foot into bun rieu something fierce, the... Able to make sure I am sending you to a podcast on Saigon and you can go to any the! Me and see if something else has popped up hostel Townhouse 50 also has Private rooms ) bill and! Is important and love your way through it over it over the last week so. Make it into a wood and art-filled room food-inclined friends “ I found a new COME! Save my name, email, sign up here to be the Mobifone SIM,! Goes into the aggregate of my latest blog posts for more in his cafes HCMC! ) a huge thank you for your trip: the word ‘ Chay ’ literally to... First spent the winter in Vietnam, and the sour soup, among other dishes, I!

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