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Pot the propagation like you would when potting up a regular plant, and pot it up to the bottom third of the leaf mto give the hoya kerrii proper anchor. Remove the leaves from the lower node, dust the end with rooting hormone powder and bury in a good soiless mixture with 30-40% added perlite or pumice. If you value the stories, vision, and integrity of The Planthunter, please consider supporting it. Place it in a glass of water and wait until it develops roots, around 5-10 cm long. I only take dried up vines or leaves off my hoya. Although hoya isn't difficult to pronounce, you may prefer to call the plants by one of their other common names, including the wax plant, waxflower, Indian rope plant, porcelain flower, or honey plant. Follow our simple steps. I would love to hear your propagation tips. A node is a place where the leaves emerge from the stem. You may know it as Sweetheart Hoya, Hoya Hearts, Valentine Hoya, Heart-Shaped Hoya, Wax Heart Plant, Love Heart Plant or Lucky Hearts Plant. Here’s how I prune, propagate and train my stunning hoya which is happy as can be and has grown like crazy. I love Hoyas & know this for sure: if I have 1 of them, then I want more. Hoya carnosa care is easy, and it’s one of the reasons why this plant has been a houseplant staple for so long! Propagating a hoya carnosa is easy. Step 3: Fill your propagation vessel . Make sure the cutting has quite a long stem, to anchor it into the pot. They’re everywhere! How to Root a Hoya Carnosa Cutting. By the way, this gorgeous Hoya carnosa variegata of mine grows outdoors year round. Simply cut a piece of the plant that is a few inches long. The best way to propagate Hoya is to take cuttings that have two nodes. Follow along for daily updates at https://instagram.com/suburbansill Good plants to try: Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema commutatum) Maybe you have 1 that you love and want to share it with a friend. The complete hoya carnosa care guide you … Come to find out, these plants take about as long as a ZZ plant. Also known as wax plant, hoya is a semi-woody vine with large, waxy, egg-shaped leaves along the stem.Hoya is a striking, long-lived plant that may even surprise you with sweet-smelling, star-shaped blooms. The rope hoya, also known as a Hindu rope plant, is a popular hanging house plant. Wandering across the cultural landscape, secateurs in hand, The Planthunter explores the endlessly curious connections between people and plants. It is beautiful, irreverent and important, and there is no other publication like it. Hoyas from time to time do set seed, but there is no way to determine if those “seedlings” will stay true to the parent plant. (Recipe: 3 parts perlite, 3 parts coco-peat, 1 part vermiculite). The Planthunter acknowledges and celebrates the First Australians on whose traditional lands we meet and work. I received my original 'rubra' in a small 4" pot from elderly friends in 1976. The best hoya for indoors is, again, Hoya carnosa. Hoya carnosa propagation steps. Come spring it puts on a growth surge like most plants do. Propagating plants might sound like a drag, but depending on what type of plant you’re working with, it can be simple. To propagate a hoya carnosa, take a clipping from a stem. The cutting should be around 10-15 centimeters long and have at least two leaves. Spoiler alert...it takes a long time. Plant the cutting in the pot, making sure there’s enough stem beneath the surface of the mix to anchor the plant into the pot. Water to thoroughly wet the soil and then allow to drain. If you do want to propagate your plant, follow these steps recommended by the International Hoya Association: Or more, or less. Or nothing. To propagate Hoya Kerrii using passive hydroponics, fill up your potting container – preferably also a clear container so you can check for water level and root growth easily – with perlite. The Hoya Kerri is such a sweetheart of a plant that it has multiple common names. Either to keep for yourself or to give to friends! Then root the cutting in water or damp sandy soil. Once the cutting has developed roots (you’ll be able to see the progress clearly in water, or if propagating in a pot gently remove the cutting from the pot and check its root system). Hoyas are rather slow growers! Hoya grows in USDA hardiness zones 10 to 12, according to Missouri Botanical Garden. It will take around 2 years of growth time before the plant needs a larger pot. It’s a good one, he suggests, as it doesn’t get too big, like Hoya carnosa can. But do remember to take outside for short holidays every month or so. The 2nd way I’ve tried but haven’t had any success with and that is by leaf cutting. Between the gorgeous, thick leaves and the ease of propagation, the hoya carnosa will make an excellent addition to your plant collection. After seeing some incredible results growing Dischidia in pure sphagnum moss, I decided to experiment with Hoyas in moss. If you’re interested in wax plant propagation, the most dependable technique is propagation via stem cuttings. Place the cutting in a small pot with Alan’s special propagation mix. Ideal Conditions for the Hoya Plant. The cuttings need to be constantly damp to develop roots. Flowering plants in the genus Hoya are part of the Asclepiadaceae family, otherwise known as the milkweed family. Wax flowers propagate, but don't necessarily come true, from seed, reports the International Hoya … You can propagate your hoya rope plant using cuttings from a single stem. Whilst there, I took the opportunity to get the pair’s advice on propagating hoyas. Take a cutting from a healthy plant in spring/summer. Since hoya carnosa care is so easy and the plant is so gorgeous, you’re going to want to make a few more plants by propagating it. Propagation. Full sun, however will turn them yellow and they’ll not be happy. Unless you want to propagate your Hoya, I would recommend never cutting any vines off your plants or you may prevent it (or at least decrease) the amount of flowering. Fill a small pot – around 140mm with fine orchid mix. A while back we visited octogenarian plant collectors Alan and Jill Collins in their Sydney garden. Hung in hanging containers or trained to grow up a trellis, rope hoyas are easy to propagate when cuttings are taken from a healthy adult plant. I found a posting on hoya linearis propagation on janeperrone.com. Water propagation Many plants can be propagated in water. 2. How to Prune a Hoya Plant. Here are Hoya Kerrii care tips plus good things to know. TIP: Alan and Jill add a product called Rooster Booster to the potting mix to give it a little bit of je ne sais quoi. The Planthunter has always, will always, be focused on storytelling, not selling. Hoya carnosa, commonly called wax plant, is named for the waxy coating covering its star-shaped flowers and … According to Jill, hoyas prefer morning sun. This was much more of a light pruning rather than a heavy pruning. Indoors they’re usually seen as hanging plants but can be trained on trellis’ and hoops. Alan loves Hoya ‘Mini Belle’. Pop in the Hoya cutting, then fill the pot with more of your propagation soil. Either place them in a vase with water or into a jar with moist sphagnum moss. Since uploading the video I&#… If they get too much shade they won’t flower. Many house plants can be propagated in water, including common houseplants in the Araceae family. Give a dollar or two or ten a month. Make sure the cutting has a few leaves. It will thrive in a warm, well lit area inside. The wax plant (Hoya carnosa) is prized for its delicate, star-shaped pale pinkish-white flowers that grow in clusters in spring and summer. They’re growing up trees, along verandahs, inside greenhouses and more. Their favourite plant to collect is the humble hoya – they’ve got around 150 different species in their rambling suburban backyard. Spoiler alert...it takes a long time.#hoya #hoyapropagation #sweethearthoyaYOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2GdU0QSI picked up this hoya kerrii variegata one year ago today and I thought I would have a little more to show. How long does it take to get new growth on a heart leaf hoya cutting? I’ve had leaves … When you have a good root system, pot them in the same soil mix described above. Use a cutting with 2 to 3 leaf nodes. This is the best time to propagate hoyas as it’s their growing season so they’ll develop roots and grow faster than during winter when they’re sleeping. Posted by plantladylin (Sebastian, Florida - Zone 10a) on Sep 30, 2011 10:14 AM. You could still strike hoyas in normal potting mix, but the benefit of the mix Alan suggests is that it holds water well. Alan feeds his hoyas every month with a liquid organic fertilizer. Her tip for the best hoya for beginners is Hoya carnosa. Here is everything you need to know about the Wax Plant and its beautiful and fragrant Porcelain Flower. Get a small pot/container (1-2” in diameter) with a drainage hole and fill it about 3 quarters of the way with your medium. The wax flower needs a minimum temperature of 10°C to thrive. She says it’s the easiest to grow and the best flowerer. Stay tuned, because my next post & video will be on how I trained this Hoya. If you have an idea of what is going on with my hear leaf hoya propagation, please leave me a comment below. \r\rCheck out SuburbanSill online at https://suburbansill.com and read up on plant rescues, plant propagation and plant care tips. (As always, I prefer rooting in water if I can so I can monitor root growth.) Known as the wax flower, Hoya is a genus of plants native to Asia, Australia and the Pacific islands.Hoya carnosa bears clusters of night-scented, star-shaped, white flowers in contrast with fleshy dark green leaves up to 8cm long. Just take your secateurs and get snipping (with permission, of course). Grow your hoya in a small pot for around two years, until re-potting into a large one. Once they take root, potted hoya cuttings thrive in indirect sunlight. OK. The Hoya Carnosa is a low maintenance, non-toxic, and air purifying houseplant that is easy to grow and propagate from cuttings. Stay up to date with the latest stories from The Planthunter. Propagating Hoya. All these products can be bought at your local garden centre. I didn't know it was a Hoya, only a plant called "Wax Plant" because of the waxy looking flowers. The results can be seen in the video below. Read this, and you’ll never need to buy a hoya again. Propagation from stem cuttings is relatively easy. It can have up to 6 leaves, suggests Alan. Once the cutting has developed roots (you’ll be able to see the progress clearly in water, or if propagating in a pot gently remove the cutting from the pot and check its root … Next: The Dirt: Sophie Tatlow & Bruce Slorach. Pruning your plants is a great time to try your hand at propagation, too. How long does it take to get new growth on a heart leaf hoya cutting? This is an easy way to propagate your plants at home and you can also watch the roots grow and develop. The node should be covered with soil and the stem secure! 1. Wow, that’s a lot of names for 1 plant! Newer taxonomy places the genus in the Apocynaceae (dogbane) family. Check on them every few weeks. Propagation Hoyas are propagated almost exclusively from cuttings. POT IT! I also noticed that I have some leaf spots, which make me concerned I have a fungus or some hoya disease. Placing the stem and pot in a plastic bag is something new. We recognise their living culture and unique role in the life of the region, and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging. The content on the site will remain free to access always, yet it’s our dream that it’s supported primarily by readers. I guess you seal the bag? Propagation: I propagate mine in water from cuttings. There are two ways of encouraging the cutting to develop roots. Propagation is not always successful on the first few tries, but we encourage you start somewhere because it’s rewarding when it works! I go down stem 3-7 nodes on the stem & make a cut at an angle.

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